Historical Electronic Music by Andrew Bentley 3

Modulo (1979)

for tape, duration 18 mins

This is the third tape piece I made in the Experimental Studio of Finnish Radio. It is my own favourite tape piece of this period. It is made only with synthesised electronic sound. The synthesis equipment in the studio at that time consisted of a Minimoog, 3 laboratory oscillators and 2 ring modulators and an envelope follower made by myself, connected together via a Tuchel jackfield. Three types of modulation are used in the piece in parallel, ring modulation, frequency modulation and filter modulation.

f.p. Amos Anderson museum, Helsinki at a Finnish Radio season concert, May 1979

then at Xuventudes Musicales Spain, Austin Texas, SVMC Venezuela, Bourges Festival, Cracau, broadcasts in France, Poland, Israel, Sweden

(information as of December 1980)